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Democracy Analysis Project - Links

Parent page: Democracy Analysis Project

These links mention other websites which have to be looked at and analyzed. We need to add more links to this list and find all the links we can find.

  1. Apps and Software related to Government and Politics ( - 190
  2. List of e-Voting, Deliberation, and e-Democracy Projects (the Democracy Foundation) - 89
  3. Democracy reforms in Australia (Google Docs originally created by Brian and others from DOD Australia) - 8
  4. Worldwide Direct Democracy Networks (***) (map created by a user in Australia. It shows organizations and individuals from around the globe who are collaborating in making Direct or Liquid Democracy possible) - 119
  5. Evaluating Democracy Reform Proposals (essay/commentary and analysis of 4 Democracy Reform Proposals by Nick)
  6. 2020 SDI Digital Democracy Report (analysis of ten software vendors) - 10
  7. Open Source Voting
  8. Online Voting Solutions (May not all be open source)
  9. (***) - like google maps but for finding social organizations ("A crowdsourcing platform for researchers, activists, practitioners, and anyone interested in public participation and democratic innovations") - 142
  10. Links by Rand Strauss (Google Docs) - 174
  1. Search for links that contain links to other websites. For example if you find one website that has a link to Website 'A', it might also have websites B and C. To search for any website that contains a link to Website A, search this in Google:
  2. You can visit Website 'A' to see if it has links to other websites