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Podcast: Designing Open Democracy 2020 Primer

Google Slides:

In this episode, we will be officially explaining about the aims and goals of Designing Open Democracy for this year.

This was recorded as part of a February Designing Open Democracy Melbourne Australia meetup event "Designing Open Democracy 2020 Primer" that was held on 2020-02-21

During this primer, we were also joined in the Audience by a few members of other democracy related organisations. One was Kimbra White from MOSAICLAB as well as Willow from Coalition of Everyone.

  • Kimbra White (Director for MosaicLab) :
  • Willow Berzin​ (Founder for Coalition of Everyone):

Designing Open Democracy Primer 2020 Meeting Notes (DOD, Feb 2020)

Current actors in this space that we are aware of

  • MiVote, Horizon State
  • Flux, SecureVote
  • NewVote

  • Politico

  • Linux Conference Australia

  • Open Democracy (UK)

  • Can we find a way to get democracy R&D? (Network of international groups and orgs)

  • GovHack

  • AngryAussie (YouTube) was part of the "trust as a concept" panel last year.

  • New Democracy Foundation

  • Code For Australia (Civic Tech)

4 Elements of a healthy society?

  • Mechanism
  • Law
  • Finance
  • Cultural
  • Media
  • Education


  • Passions
  • High Schoolers