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About Us

Designing Open Democracy is an Australian operated forum of process engineers, social architects and philosophers aiming to explore the ways that technology, engineering and design of social systems can be applied to every levels of society.

We are nonpartisan and also agnostic to any particular democratic innovative approach, aiming to help foster tighter consensus and collaboration between all political parties and organisation towards a stronger and healthier democracy.

In our podcast you will find detailed discussions in potential opportunities for reforming of existing democratic institutions; from local organisations to national governments around the world through technology or other practices. Our aim is to improve democracy: we think this can best be done by providing a forum for discussing democracy proposals, ideas, and to foster collaboration between people who would like to participate in democracy reform.

Designing Open Democracy will not presume any form of democratic system to be superior, but is a forum for discussion and practical planning on how such system may be implemented. In addition, this meetup will not be exclusive to any political party, but be a forum for members of various parties, groups and individuals to come together to trade ideas related to open democracy and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses.

TL;DR: We are an nonpartisan and agnostic democracy advocacy group for promoting greater interaction between relevant stakeholders involved in developing a more unified and stronger democracy.



If you are in Melbourne Australia, you can join us in person via our meetup:

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We also have an online discussion board to talk about latest podcast episodes and other democracy related events:

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If you have telegram you can also join our instant messaging chatroom:

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Within Designing Open Democracy, members may work on various different democracy related projects.

Some of the active projects are shown below in addition to how you can participate in it.

If interested in any of these projects then join our telegram channel shown in our discussion page to learn how you can work on it.

Designing Open Democracy Podcast

To subscribe to our podcast just search for “Designing Open Democracy” in your local podcast App or or Apple Podcast.

Election Dates

Election Dates is a project that aim to make it easy to find and share the next election date for a country.

Currently a basic proof of concept website is now running and will be cleaned up further before being opensourced for public contributions and improvements.

If any dates is missing then you can submit suggestions.

Contact Us

Contact Us

If you have any questions directly related to us that cannot be answered in our online discussion forum or you would like to give us a tip or a request for an interview on our podcast then you can reach us at:

The Team

The core organising team members is Brian Khuu, Nick Merange, Alexar Pendashteh, and Usmaan.

We also have members from various political parties and companies who we often consult for specific updates about various democracy related projects of interests. As well as to collaborate on how to best assist them in achieving a better democracy.

Brian Khuu

Meeting Organiser and Podcast Host

Nick Merange

Democracy Groups Researcher

Alexar Pendashteh

Meeting Organiser


Project Manager




We have a wiki where you can contribute information of various democracy projects of note

Youtube Channel

We have a youtube channel where we post any videos recordings of meetings and events Click here to browse our video list at YouTube

Groups of Interest in Australia

If you need any assistance in locating democracy experts like cooperatives or voting security… then send us an email at

A few examples of groups we are in contact with are shown below:

Logo List Of Current Democracy Organizations

Below are groups that is active as of 2020 and that we have interviewed in a podcast episode.

Flux Party

Flux is a political party that internally uses issue-based direct democracy (IBDD) to help shape what issues to vote on. Utimately they aims to replace the world’s elected legislatures with the IBDD system.

Designing Open Democracy had a podcast episode with Ben Ballingall, Victoria representative of Flux Party. Click to listen to this podcast episode which was recorded on 2020-02-11 (Apple Podcast)