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Designing Open Democracy - "New Models of Democracy" (Brisbane)



With the looming 2019 Federal Election, Designing Open Democracy would like to invite everyone in Brisbane to come along to discover the democracy innovations that minor parties are adopting to differentiate themselves from the current two major parties in Australia.

In addition, we will also be inviting along a few democracy experts to help present about various aspect of democracy and models that could be adopted to help make the Australian government more representative of the will of its citizens.

This event will be streamed.

Many Thanks to ThoughtWorks Brisbane for the facility provided

You can RSVP via either meetup or facebook shown below

Summary Details

Date: 6pm Venue Open on Monday the 6th of May 2019 Location: ThoughtWorks Brisbane At 19/127 Creek St, Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia

Event Structure:

6:00 - Gathering and Networking 6:25 - Event Start and Introduction 6:30 - Non-Partisan Panel: Series of expert non-partisan speakers talking about an aspect of democracy 7:30 - Cross-Partisan Panel: Series of representative from each party speaking about their democratic model 8:30 - Q&A and end of the event


Reach out to us if you have an interesting democratic model within your organisation that you want to share as well! Below are speakers that will be attending.

Non-Partisan Speakers

  1. Dion McCurdy (NewVote) 4:15
  2. Dr Frank Mols (University of Queensland, Senior Lecturer) 27:05
  3. Dr Lyn Carson (newDemocracy) 49:50
  4. Tim Wilson Brown (Tor, e-voting specialist) 1:03:00
  5. Angus Murray (Queensland Council for Civil Liberties) 1:15:00

Cross-Partisan Speakers

  1. Brandon Selic/Miles Whiticker (Pirate Party Australia) 1:30:40
  2. Robyn Stevenson (Online Democracy Australia) 1:44:40
  3. Thor Prohaska (VoteWrap, independant for Dixon) 2:05:25
  4. Max Kaye (Flux Party) 2:28:45

Future Speakers Callout

We are currently looking for more speakers for presentation style events. Get in touch with us if interested. Here is some of the topics you may want to consider speaking about"

  • Governance: Transparency, Corruption, Accountability
  • Structural: Voting/Decision systems, Decentralisation
  • Technology: Cyber-security, Blockchain, Cognitive Security
  • Sociological: Political apathy, Information Asymmetry, Citizen engagement
  • Economic: Business/Union, Economic Democracy, Participatory Budgeting

Also don't forget about our web discussion forum at: