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Wiki Content Creation Project

The goal of the Content Creation Project is to have short/summarized articles on important/core topics. Articles should be factual in nature and provide references when possible. Where possible, a section telling people how they can get involved should be present. Any website can be used to get information (doesn't have to be just Wikipedia)'

Charlie's Trello:

Here are some initial ideas for content (open to suggestions):

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Created articles:

Previous topics (we'll will look at this later)

  • Aggregation of links for organizations/groups involved in improving government
  • Summarized analysis of the above
  • Countries which have been successful in implementing Open/improved democracy to varying degrees
  • Participatory budgeting (how its done, what are the required time frames etc (suggested by Nick)
  • Community owned businesses (definition, types of these businesses, how they're created, existing examples of these businesses)