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Podcast: Designing Open Democracy 2020 Primer

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In this episode, we will be officially explaining about the aims and goals of Designing Open Democracy for this year.

This was recorded as part of a February Designing Open Democracy Melbourne Australia meetup event "Designing Open Democracy 2020 Primer" that was held on 2020-02-21

During this primer, we were also joined in the Audience by a few members of other democracy related organisations. One was Kimbra White from MOSAICLAB as well as Willow from Coalition of Everyone.

  • Kimbra White (Director for MosaicLab) :
  • Willow Berzin​ (Founder for Coalition of Everyone):

Podcast: Beyond Corporate Social Responsibility towards Economic Democracy

You can find our podcast in all your podcast apps as "Designing Open Democracy" such as Apple podcast or Spotify

2020-03-27 Designing Open Democracy Cooperatives Economic Democracy (4)|690x388

2020-03-27 Designing Open Democracy Cooperatives Economic Democracy|690x388

Hi and welcome to the Designing Open Democracy Podcast. We are an Australian based forum keeping track of democracy innovations in Australia and around the world. In the background of the banking royal commission starting at 2017 and the uncovering of banking misconduct by the big four banks in Australia, there is a need for the public to be able to trust that corporations will work in the interest of all stakeholders.

This podcast recorded and hosted by Alexar on March 2020, was a talk by Anthony McMullen from Co-operative Bonds, explaining how we can step beyond Corporate Social Responsibility towards a corporate structure with a fundamentally more democratic economic structure. Given the situation around the world with the global pandemic in 2020, social distancing requirements meant we had to record this episode by video conferencing. So audio quality will be different compared to other episodes.

The first half of this event with be a short primer by Anthony McMullen to get newcomers up to speed about what Co-operatives is and why it matters. Afterwards a panel led by Anthony McMullen will be held to discuss about the state of co-operatives in Australia and how co-operatives can gain traction against traditional forms of business structures.

Podcast: Isegoria: The Way Citizens’ Juries Deliver It, How Elections Destroy It (Nicholas Gruen: CEO of Lateral Economics)

Hi and welcome to the Designing Open Democracy Podcast. We are an Australian based forum keeping track of democracy innovations in Australia and around the world.

For this episode recorded on the 3rd of March 2020, I visited a prominent Australian economist named Nicholas Gruen, CEO of Lateral Economics.

As frequent commentator on economic reform as well as innovation, he will be joining us for this episode to explore the concept of Citizens' Juries and how it could be implemented in Australia and other countries.

Podcast: Basil’s Table - Banking On The Future In A Climate Of Change (888 Co-operative Causeway)(Special)

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Antony McMullen from Co-operative Bonds organised this particular event via 888 Co-operative Causeway Basil’s Table interview series to explore the challenges and opportunities for customer-owned banks in the post Royal Commission environment.

The main speaker for this event is Rowan Dowland who heads up the Bank Australia’s strategy and planning area.

While this event is not directly operated by Designing Open Democracy, this may be of interest to our community in providing the background context for next month talk "Beyond Corporate Social Responsibility towards Economic Democracy (Cooperatives)" by Antony McMullen who co-founded both Co-operative Bonds and 888 Co-operative Causeway.

This was recorded live with minimum editing on the February 25 @ 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm at the Kelvin Club.

888 Co-operative Causeway Event Link:

Podcast: Designing Open Democracy: "Trust, a concept analysis" (After: Fake News Trivia) (2019-12-11 Wednesday)

Hi All Members of Designing Open Democracy,

Before the year ends, this is a gathering about how the year in democracy has ended, as well as to discuss what the future may hold for democracies around the world.

Initially, our guest Alexar Pendashteh will present his analysis and musings on the nature of trust and how society conceptualises and acts upon it.

This will be followed by a group discussion, so don't forget to bring all your strong opinions with you!

After that you are welcome to join a Fake vs Real News trivia game!

Inaugural Designing Open Democracy Meeting (Monday, December 19 2016)

This is a historical post from where we sent the first message after our very first meeting at 19/12/2016

Hello Everyone!

Thanks very much to all who were able to attend the first Designing Open Democracy Meetup!

Below, I wish to give everyone a summary of what was discussed for those who were unable to make it, here's a summary of what occurred:

  • Introduction of attendees; background of their interest and involvement in democracy reform
  • Basic concepts of democracy (direct, representative, deliberative and majoritarian)