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Podcast: Basil’s Table - Banking On The Future In A Climate Of Change (888 Co-operative Causeway)(Special)

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Antony McMullen from Co-operative Bonds organised this particular event via 888 Co-operative Causeway Basil’s Table interview series to explore the challenges and opportunities for customer-owned banks in the post Royal Commission environment.

The main speaker for this event is Rowan Dowland who heads up the Bank Australia’s strategy and planning area.

While this event is not directly operated by Designing Open Democracy, this may be of interest to our community in providing the background context for next month talk "Beyond Corporate Social Responsibility towards Economic Democracy (Cooperatives)" by Antony McMullen who co-founded both Co-operative Bonds and 888 Co-operative Causeway.

This was recorded live with minimum editing on the February 25 @ 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm at the Kelvin Club.

888 Co-operative Causeway Event Link: