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The song that overthrew the President of Africa's largest country - يوم الشعب #لا_للعهدة_الخامسة

This is a five-minute song from Algeria. Some of you would know that there has just been a mini-revolution: a very infirm 82-year-old President Boutéflika had won a fifth mandate as President. He seemed so sick that he would be incapable of carrying on with his duties. Boutéflika has been in power since 1999!

After massive street demonstrations, he tendered his resignation.

Apart from the suffering of our Indigenous compatriots, anything we suffer in our country is 20 times worse in Algeria.

I want you all to see this video. You will see that nowhere is any there any expression of anger, only of determination and good will.

Here people waste their time, energy and credibility with anger, which is mostly a useless emotion. Why would I be angry with Pauline Hanson? I don't get angry when I see ants on my path, but ants have actually bitten me! Yes!

I'm not sure what our beloved Multicultural Police would make of this video. They are working hard day and night to convince us that all Moslem women wear hijabs. (This makes me suspect that the authors of this video have un-Inclusive attitudes.)

The name of the song is "Lyoum esh-shaHabi / libérer l'Algérie". The first words are Arabic for "The people shall..." and the last two are French meaning "liberate Algeria".

This name forms the refrain. The verses are in Arabic. I hope you will all sing the refrain, and clap in time as it comes to an end.

I am presenting this video to you not as an example of What to do. It is a lesson in How to do things. And I hope you will enjoy yourselves!

Robert Crouch