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Dausume introduces his Open Source Research & Democracy Platforms

This was saved from the forum and is posted here to help him get his word out about his effort

Howdy ya’ll, my name is Dustin and I’m from America. I’ve worked for a while on two projects that interrelate.

I work professionally as a Full Stack Engineer and have for a number of years, my BS was effectively in Physics and CS, and I have partially completed an Electrical Engineering Masters which I’ve paused my studies on.

One is Polari, a Research Platform intended for the Open Source audience.

The other is a Democratic Platform approach for direct scoring and analysis of policies and by extension applicable for analysis of politicians and special interest groups involved in policy development.

This platform is also intended as an alternative route towards enabling people to directly design and develop policies in a particular/different kind of Direct/Participatory Democratic method.

Pitch decks for the platforms and how they operate in more general terms can be found through links provided.

A link to the GitHub for the python backend that acts as the core of the research platform, which integrates with the democratic system, is also included.

As well as the front end of the research platform, which includes capability for creating new objects through a UI.

One of my current focuses for development is getting a ‘no-code’ or ‘flow-design’ UI to work, the backend that can make this usable is already largely implemented on the python backend.

The general Database design and approach along with sample calculations and methods for the democratic approach are described in the pitch deck, however much of the functionality is shared between the platforms and is re-usable between them.

Research Platform Python Backend:

Research Platform Angular Frontend:

Political Scorecard, Democracy Platform Pitchdeck

Polari, Open Source Research Platform Pitchdeck