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A possible future topic for a Designing Open Democracy Panel: On moderation of a political debate

Here is a possible thought about what to host for the next designing open democracy conference. Maybe have a panel where moderators from various political debates can discuss on their strategies in keeping the peace in a debate.

One person to potentially invite to such an event is Tony from Q&A (His signature quib is "we don't cross examine our questioners", "I'll take that as a comment")

Reply from Jano

Dear @mofosyne,

there are some important characteristics in moderation you should consider.

There are direct and nondirect methods as well as methods that do not provide a mode for pluralistic consientious desicion making and synthesis. This is the case with the neither-or system standard. So if the logic of neither-or desicion making does not allow peaceful and pluralistic desicion making as well as a synthesis of for example left versus right or other opposing parties, you also should not wonder if the debate runs hot, polarizes ideologically and escalates into fights and (cold) war.

Sincerely, Jana