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Democracy Analysis Project - Classification Task

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Plan B

  • Main goal is to look for websites that enable people to work together to improve politics or society in some way. We're looking for direct engagement and ease of entry (how easy it is to start contributing).
  • Mark these websites in the list
  • Ignore other websites for now
  • Take breaks; amount
  • Start with Democracy Foundation source until we find two
  • Any others to add to the team?

Plan A

  1. Create some basic categories of websites
  2. Quickly classify smaller/insignificant websites into categories
  3. Ignore minor initiatives by single individuals and mark them for potential removal from the analysis
  4. Focus more on the more important interesting websites which are those which allow people to become easily involved in whatever is going on


  • Voting Platforms
  • Blockchain Voting
  • Deliberation/Governance Platforms
  • Direct Democracy
  • Citizen participation
  • Party-based Organization
  • Citizen Participation