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Policies and guidelines

The goal of the DOD wiki is to be an objective source of information related to evolving democracy. The wiki needs a set of policies and guidelines so its content is valuable for its readers. Wikipedia has a large number of detailed policies without which its content would quickly degrade in terms of quality and usefulness. It is therefore imperative to have a set of policies and guidelines that should be followed.

The DOD wiki's policies should be customized to suit the needs of its readers. This page will list some initial policies some of which are partly derived from Wikipedia's own pages on the topic.

  1. The DOD wiki aims to be an encyclopedia of information related to democracy
  2. Information should be unbiased and from a neutral point of view
  3. Content should be non-promotional in nature
  4. Avoid conflict of interest (See Wikipedia's policy on this topic for more detail)
  5. The DOD wiki is not a soapbox, a battleground, or a vehicle for propaganda, advertising and showcasing (see the Wikipedia page for more details). Since politics is often related to some of these terms, additional detail on this specific policy is necessary and will be provided later
  6. No promotion of fringe theories. If a topic is controversial in nature, effort should be made to present all points of view so the reader can make up their own mind. Again, neutral point of view applies. If there is a question about neutrality, we can go by the majority opinion of peer-reviewed science if it is available for that topic
  7. Opinion pieces should be avoided but may be ok if they are labelled as such or if they are kept under user space (see the Wikipedia page on how to create a user page). Priority for content should be given to topics that need attention first
  8. Notability: On the DOD Wiki, notability is a test used by editors to decide whether a given topic warrants its own article
  9. This wiki is free content that anyone can use, edit, and distribute