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In no particular order these are known so far to us:

Designing Open Democracy

ABC Australia Vote Compass

Vote Compass is a tool developed by political scientists for exploring how your views align with those of the candidates


wikipedia - Flux is a political movement which aims to replace the world's elected legislatures with a new system known as issue-based direct democracy (IBDD).


App and voting on policy goals/destinations, Issue based, information provided, policy goals vetted via ethics and internal approval.

wikipedia - does not yet exist



NewDemocracy is an independent, non-partisan research and development organisation. We aim to discover, develop, demonstrate, and disseminate complementary alternatives which will restore trust in public decision making. We conduct real world trials using random selection and deliberation - the jury model - as a central process.

Online Direct Democracy

Direct Democracy based voting reform party

Electoral Royal Commission

Promoting a commission to investigate voting reform options. Started by Pirate Party Australia. (Their discussion forum here)

Referendum Council


We Are Future Gov

Not too sure, but they seem to be a service that governments can pay for that focus on accessibility of governmental services.

The Australian arm of the international Open Government Partnership

Australia’s first Open Government National Action Plan 2016-18 comprises 15 ambitious commitments that promote transparency, empower citizens, fight corruption, and harness new technologies to strengthen governance.

Accountability Round Table

The Accountability Round Table is a non-partisan group of citizens with diverse backgrounds (academics, lawyers, politicians, journalists, authors) who are concerned with the current erosion of honesty and integrity in our democracy. The Accountability Round Table is dedicated to improving standards of accountability, probity, transparency and democratic practice in all governments and parliaments in Australia.

Open and Shut

This blog takes an interest in issues associated with Freedom of Information (FOI) and privacy legislation in Australia.

They vote for you

  • Collate information about current politicians and how they vote.

They Vote For You was built by the OpenAustralia Foundation, an independent, non-partisan not-for-profit. It is based on the ground-breaking UK Public Whip site originally created by Francis Irving and Julian Todd in 2003. We owe Julian and Francis a massive debt of gratitude for everything they've done.

Open Australia is a non-partisan website run by a charity, the OpenAustralia Foundation and volunteers. It aims to make it easy for people to keep tabs on their representatives in Parliament.

Open Australia Foundation

The OpenAustralia Foundation is a pioneering charity whose vision is to transform democracy in Australia. Our mission is to give all Australians the tools they need to effect the change they want. We currently do this through our five websites,,, and

Susan McKinnon Foundation

We are a non-partisan organisation committed to working with all sides of politics to find common ground and practical pathways to solve some of Australia’s major challenges.


Our purpose is to enhance and celebrate democracy.

That's why we've created a digital participation platform (essentially, an app). The app is:

* a dedicated public record of every political issue, goal and solution facing Australia.

  • a source of balanced information - a wiki for Australian good governance
  • a tool to co-create policy and be part of the decision making process.
  • a channel to communicate with our representatives

People Decide

People Decide (PD) is a participatory democracy online voting platform and political party of independents to enable you to vote on, create and contribute to national laws and local government decisions in Australia.

Potential Categories:

  • Direct Democracy - Interventions
  • Liquid Democracy - Interventions
  • Deliberative Democracy - Interventions
  • Citizen Juries
  • Representative