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LUV November 2018 Main Meeting

Designing Open Democracy : State of Democracy In Australia in 2018

We had an hour presentation at Linux Users Victoria under LUV November 2018 Main Meeting: Computerbank / Designing Open Democracy where we gave a quick overview on the current state of democracy reform organisations in Australia.

Copy of the slides:

It went well. We talked about Flux, MiVote, sortition, and opens source voting.

We also pitched ourselves:

  • We are requesting more speakers and contributors to join us!
  • We also need more organisers to help plan and get more events going too!
  • If you can help, then contact us at:
  • We also have a discussion forum at

Speakers Planned For 2019

  • Robert Crouch to talk about his idea of a better method of calculating voters intention that could replace our current way to tallying up preferences.
  • Guy Kennedy from Policy Incubator to talk about his policy development platform and how it is intended to assist the public, institutions and politicians make better policies.

Topics future speakers could touch on:

  • Governance: Transparency, Corruptions, Accountability
  • Structural Issues: Voting/Decision systems, Decentralisation, Cyber-security, Cognitive Security of the masses.
  • Cultural: Political apathy or learned helplessness, Information Asymmetry, Citizens engagement, Empathy deficit.

If you can present any of these topic let us know!